• Jurnal Kesehatan Mandiri Aktif

    Jurnal Kesehatan Mandiri Aktif (p-ISSN) 2620-5955 Established in 2018 with a printed journal publication system, Jurnal Kesehatan Mandiri Aktif has shifted from print to the Open Journal Systems (OJS) which the publication is issued online since 2020. Therefore, writers, readers, and students can access this journal at any time. The Jurnal Kesehatan Mandiri is meant to be a media for scientific studies of research results, thoughts, and critical-analysis studies regarding health research such as Midwifery, Environmental Health Sciences, Nursing, Nutrition, Dental Nursing, and Health Promotion Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Analysis, Physiotherapy, Electromedical, Medical Records, Occupational Health and Safety, Information Technology related to health.

  • Jurnal Keperawatan Mandiri

    Jurnal Keperawatan Mandiri merupakan salah satu terbitan berkala ilmiah yang diterbikan oleh Prodi Ilmu Keperawatan Sekolah Tinggi Kesehatan Bina Putra Banjar. Jurnal Keperawatan Mandiri terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun.